The Water Cycle

Animation: Water Cycle (German)

The animation explains the water cycle in simple German for children.

Animation: A dropper goes on tour - The Water Cycle for kids (German)

Join a drop of water as it explores the water cycle and travels through streams and rivers all the way from the waterworks to the sewage treatment plan. For children.

Water Pollution

Video:Living without pesticides (No spoken text)

This short video informs about the use of pesticides in agriculture, private households and in the public domain and explains how they end in the food chain. No spoken text

Animation: Drinking water needs protection areas (German)

This animation exposes the different threats to our drinking water and explains the different protection zones of a drinking water area.

Water Consumption

Animation: How much Water do we consum every day? (German)

This animation compares the everyday water consumption for a European child to that of a little girl in Africa. Easy to understand for children.




Video: Virtual Water (German)

This video offers a simple and useful explanation of the concept of „virtual water“ to children, illustrated by examples from everyday life.

Game: The Footprint Game (English)

This link allows children to calculate their own ecological footprint.



Water Footprint - Calculator (Englisch)

With this test, you can calculate how nuch water is used to produce the food and consumer goods you use every day.





Bottled Water

Video: The Story of Bottled Water (Englisch)

The informative animations of this video show why our society consumes too much bottled water and how this impacts our energy usage and the climate and produces mountains of garbage.




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